Monday, August 8, 2011

Blessing #74 - A heart slap full

Yesterday at church, Collin had his baby dedication, and Brandon got baptized. The church had a two-for-one special. (Lame joke. I know, but I couldn't resist.) In one moment, Shad and I were standing on stage with Collin and the pastor praying that we would be good parents, and in the next moment I got to see Brandon get baptized. All that excitement and emotion made me one big weepy mess.

Honestly, I was a little nervous...ok...a lot nervous about what Brandon was going to do when he was baptized. I just knew he was going to jump off the side and yell, "Cannonball!" just like he did when he was swimming in Georgia, but much to my surprise and thanks to all the practicing we did in the bath tub, Brandon was an all-star.

When he was asked right before he was baptized, "Brandon, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior," Brandon answered with the sweetest and strongest, "Yes sir!" As if I wasn't emotional enough, that "Yes sir," just did me in! I wanted to turn around to the people behind me and say,"Did you hear that 'Yes sir?' He's getting so biiiiiig so fast."(**hooooonk**) Thankfully, I resisted the urge, and just savored the sweet moment in front of me through my teary eyes and a heart that was slap full of all that God has given me.


  1. Being so far from both sets of grandchildren makes me sad. But knowing that they are being raise for the Lord brings me joy. Sadness and gladness all in one. Poppy

  2. By the way, where did you hear, slap full. I had to look those words up in my Southern dictionary. After I read it's meaning, my heart is slap full too.

  3. so awesome . . . .