Friday, September 21, 2012

Blessing #138 - Stopping to Smell the Caramel Apples

Yesterday, as I was innocently running errands, I saw this sign and stopped dead in my tracks.

Now, I did not plan on going into that particular store, but when I saw that sign, I quickly changed my plans.  Maybe some disciplined person could drive right by that sign unaffected, but that person is not me.  To me, that sign did not read "Caramel Apples Today."  My mind filled in that open space between Apples and today and the sign read, "CARAMEL APPLES (Stephanie you have to get one) TODAY."

Collin and I ran into the store and watched as an Amish man made up two caramel apples just for us.  He tied them up in  pretty bows giving the beautiful apples the respect they deserved.  He was a little surprised that someone came at 9:00 in the morning for caramel apples, but  I just told him, "Your sign worked."

The caramel apples were a small pause in our day, but it was so nice to take a moment to celebrate the the wonderfulness of fall. Plus, I scored major points with B for his after school snack.

"Hey Mom, are you done yet? 'Cause I'm about to eat one!"

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall.  Make sure you take some time this weekend to have your own mini celebration. Drink some apple cider, wear your favorite boots, buy a pumpkin spice latte, or lite a pumpkin scented candle.

Life goes by so fast.  In a few months, you'll blink and it will be winter and you'll be stuck in your house for the fifth day in a row with a crazy toddler and you'll be staring out the window at two feet of snow wondering, "Why won't they just come and plow our road!" .....I'm sorry....Where was I?.....Sometimes I have flashbacks to the Snowpacolypse of a few years ago.

Anyway, don't let this great season slip by you.  Take some time to stop and smell the roses... or the caramel apples.


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