Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curse #46 - What Happens When I Try to Get Out of the House

When Brandon started school, I'm not going to lie, one of the things I was looking forward to was getting out more.  With just one child it should be easy for me to meet with friends and such....or so I thought.

Yesterday, for my first post-school outing, I met a friend at Chickfila to brainstorm for a project.  A simple trip, but this is what happens when I try to get out of the house.

1. As I was walking out the door I grabbed a pair of shoes for Collin.  When we got to Chickfila, I went to put on Colli's shoes, but the shoes were not there. I have no idea how they did not make it to the car. Something must have distracted me somewhere in the 30 steps from his room to the van.  So my Collin ran into Chickfila barefooted.  Yes, we brought the country back to Chickfila.  "You'd better redneckognize!" (Sorry, I know that was kind of random, but I've been looking for any chance to throw in a Honey Boo Boo reference on the blog.)

2. As the boys played, my friend and I brainstormed and took copious notes.  In a truly brilliant moment,  I knocked over my drink, and the straw poked a hole in the bottom of the fragile styrofoam cup. Diet Dr. Pepper spewed everywhere ruining my copious notes.

Now, I am not known for my fast reflexes, but I actually thought fast and dumped the bag out that I had with me.  Knowing that the inside of the bag was wipe-able, I threw in the cup and ran it to the trash can.  I threw the cup in the trash, shook out the Diet Dr. Pepper in the bag, and wiped out the bag. Easy peasy.  How smart was I?

Apparently, not too smart because I missed this sign outside of the play place.

3. As my friend and I were leaving, I went to grab my keys...only I could not find them.  I retraced my steps, and soon realized that my keys were in the trash.  When I shook the Diet Dr. Pepper out of my bag, I also shook my keys out that were in the outside pockets.  Not so easy peasy.  I tried to see if my keys were on top,  but the lunch rush had started and the trash can was full.

Another one of my friends just happened to be in Chickfila,  and just happened to be sitting right next to the trash can.  When I explained why I was hovering around the trash can, being a good friend, she said, "It happens to the best of us." And I quickly replied, "But it seems to happen to me a lot!"

Absolutely embarrassed, I told one of the Chickfila workers, "I think my keys are in your trash can."  I just wanted to find a place where I could discretely look through the trash can.  I really didn't think any of the people in the Chickfila wanted to see me digging through the trash as they ate their nuggets.

The very nice Chickfila workers told me, "Miss, you go sit down and we'll look and bring your keys to you." I felt terrible, "No, you can't do that! I messed up, and I will fix it," but they were persistent and had me sit down.  A few minutes later, one of the great Chickfila employees brought my keys to me. She even sanitized them for me!

Chickfila just got itself an even more loyal customer.

Yes, that is what I get for trying to get out of the house! A simple trip to Chickfila turns into a chaotic event.....chaotic and memorable.  Thankfully, my friend was very patient and my new Chickfila friends were very kind.

P.S. My new Chickfila friends are trying to get to 900 likes on Facebook.  They would love it if you went over and liked them.  


  1. Your day sounds a lot like my days! I am a Thirty-One Director and spot that wipeable bag! Side note-that beautiful Chick-fil-A employee is my cousin! Thanks for the laughs!

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