Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blessing #141 - A Tweeked Mantle

In August, I started painting the paneling in my dining room. Painting paneling is a beast! It's not easy! I really didn't want to see a paint brush for a while, but then Sherwin Williams had a commercial that proclaimed, "40% off all paint!"

Resistance was futile, I knew I was buying paint.  Most of this week, I have been painting our living room.  After I painted the mantel, the brown flowers I used did not look right.  I had to do a little tweeking so here is the mantel now...

That piece of blue in the left hand corner, is painter's tape that I hadn't taken down yet.  I also realize the mirror is not perfectly centered. I painted the mirror white and sanded the edges, and added the giant mason jar for height.

I'm really happy with the new paint in the living room, and I love my tweeked mantle.


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