Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blessing #43- New Lamps

I have been wanting to change the look of our house for a few months. Our house is full of warm toned colors, and I'd like to change it to cool toned colors. Friday, I was looking over the living room, and deciding what needed to change, and my eyes got stuck on our lamps. I knew exactly the type of lamp I wanted to have, but I did not think I could find it in our price range.

Saturday morning, I hit a few yard sales, and at the first house I stopped at, I saw the EXACT lamp I had thought about the day before, even the print of the shade was what I had in mind. The seller wanted $30, but I asked her if she'd take $19.50 (I only had $20 and I had to spend 50 cents on a Transformer for B). She agreed, and I got to go home with my lamps.


{after} I still cannot believe I found the EXACT lamp I wanted. It may be silly to you, but it's just another of God's handfuls to me.

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  1. those are AWESOME lamps and God led you to a great deal! totally not silly :) those things can make my whole week (and sometimes month!) love your little owl too.... reminds me of my granny's house which is always pristine and perfectly coordinated.... (i have a dream-lol)