Friday, April 15, 2011

Give me Five Friday: {five things I have missed about Brandon}

I know I've mentioned it, but I'll say it again, Brandon has been gone all week visiting my parents. He has had a blast! I called last night, and he was having a snack of peanut butter ritz, peanut butter grahm crackers, cheese, and a pickle, only at Mimi's. While he has been having a blast, we have definitely missed our little guy. So today's five is...

{five things I've missed about Brandon}

1. "Hey Collin!" - To get the full affect, you need to say that in a low voice like a monster. As I was talking to B on the phone last night, he asked to speak to Collin. As soon as he had Collin on the phone he said, "Hey Collin (in monster voice)" Suddenly, I realized Brandon says that at least five times a day, and I missed hearing it.

2. His mischievious little smile.

3. Hearing "Mommy I know I love you," and seeing him flash the I love you sign in sign language at me. Those two things melt my heart (and he knows it).

4. I have this conversation with B everyday, I promise, everyday. I have missed it.

B - What are we going to do today, Mommy?

me - Probably, clean and go the post office.
B- What are we going to do after that?

me- eat lunch
B- And after that?

me- take a nap
B- And what are we going to do after nap?

me- Mommy has to go to Sylvan.
B- And what am I doing?

me- Hanging out with daddy.
B- And what am I doing after that.

me- going to bed.
B- For a short nap?

me- no for a long time.
B - How long?

me- a long time
B - And what am I doing after that?

me - waking up. Now, that's it. That's all you need to know.

5. I have missed that piece of my heart that Brandon holds in his hand. I love that boy hook line and sinker.

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  1. Hopefully time will pass quickly.