Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate- {banana crumb cake}&{chicken poulet}

In case you don't know what Saturdate with Southern Plate is, you can check it out here.

This week for Saturdate with southern plate, I made chicken poulet and banana crumb cake. (to get the recipes on Southern Plate just click on the words)

Banana Crumb Cake (click on title for recipe)

Saturday night, Shad asked me if I could make something to bring for Sunday school the next morning. I looked through Southern Plate, and realized I had all the ingredients for Banana Crumb Cake in my house, even the old bananas. (I keep old bananas in my freezer.) Even though I had all the ingredients, I broke my #1 rule of cooking...

Always...Always make a test run of a new recipe before you take it anywhere.

Although I broke Rule #1 of cooking, I found a compromise. After it came out of the oven, I cut the cake, and tried a piece. There was no way I was sending it to Sunday School without trying it, and much to my delight it turned out really good! This is a very moist crumb cake (could be all the butter). I made mine the morning of, but it would be safe to make this the night before.

Chicken Poulet(click on the title for recipe)

You can see a picture of this over at Southern Plate if you check the recipe out. Five years ago at a function at the school I was teaching at, I had something similar to this. I fell in love, and it didn't help that I was pregnant at the time. The dish was sooo good I started to crave it. I searched for recipes for "chicken and dressin' " but every recipe had HARD BOILED EGGS in it. (I think I gagged just typing the word) I hate hard boiled eggs so much. It freaks me out just to look at them. Anyway, chicken poulet is exactly what I fell in love with 5 years ago. I'm so excited I have a recipe for it now!

By the way, I'm saving cooking "deviled eggs" in Southern Plate towards the end.

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  1. You're becoming a regular "chef" #3s#1