Monday, April 18, 2011

Curse #16- Easter Outfits

I have never been a big fan of the Easter outfit. Growing up, my mom would always take me to Hamricks, a department store, or as I remember it, "Torturicks." Inevitably, she would always pick out a pastel colored dress with a big floral print, and in the worst cases a matching hat. Inevitably, I would make fake throwing up noises, and inevitably, it would all end in an argument.

As a teenager, I got smarter and moved from fake throwing up noises to a logical argument about how Easter was too commercialized. The focus of Easter should be on what Christ has done for us and not my new outfit. A completely valid argument, and it would have completely worked had it not been for my weakness for Peeps and Cadberry eggs. The "Easter is too commercialized" argument loses its affect when you are shoving peeps and cadberry eggs in your mouth as you say it.

As an adult, I have come to terms with getting my own Easter outfit, but now I have two boys that need Easter outfits. The main problem with shopping for boys is there are no options!

The main Easter choice for boys is the argyle sweater vest. If you go into unsaid children's store, most years you can choose a blue version or a green version. If you want to be creative and go to a different children's clothing store, you will walk in and find more...ArGyLe SwEaTeR VeSts that look strangely similar to the argyle sweater vests from last year, and you realize that every Easter picture is of your boys in argyle sweater vests!

The most frustrating part of the whole experience is as I hold my two choices of sweater vest, and decide, " or green," I look to the other side of the store...the girls section. In the girls section, mother's hold up multiple options in all the colors of an Easter basket, but then I see a little girl with her mom, and as her mom holds up a pastel nightmare the little girl makes a fake throwing up noise, and I guess life comes full circle.


  1. Ha Ha!! This makes a mom feel so great knowing that you now have to go through this yourself as the mother. Told you "You'd pay for your raising" Love you all. #3s#1

  2. This was a completely awesome post. Yes, we frequent TCP for Easter clothes. I have avoided argyle sweaters but I always go with the washable linen shirts for the boys. I had a deja vu experience reading yours, except our department stores in San Diego were either Buffum's or Robinson's, neither of which exist anymore. I had the Easter hat, and my mom curled my hair. Too funny.