Friday, April 29, 2011

Give me five Friday: {five nicknames for my boys}

When I was in college, I would called my dad, and every phone conversation started the same way...

Steph: Hey Pop!

Dad: Hey Bubba!

After, several months of this, I realized that my dad called me "Bubba." So one day I asked my dad if he even realized he called me "Bubba." He had no idea he was doing it. I guess it's just one of those nicknames.

Now, as a mother, I do the same thing to my boys. I call them some pretty crazy nicknames.

five nicknames for my boys

1. B- If you've read the blog or my facebook at all, you may notice that I use this nickname interchangeably with his name. Brandon is not a name you can shorten very well. Bran...too much like a cereal! Ban...I used this for a year, but it didn't stick. Too many letters! B...just right!

2. sweet pea- This is the one "normal" nickname that I'll call my boys, but I probably only have a few years left with that nickname. I doubt they will want me yelling, "Bye sweet pea," out the window, when I drop them off for middle school.

3. hambone - I didn't realize I used this name so much, until a few months ago. I usually say, "Good morning, Hambone!"

4. stink - I don't know how it began. I think it one may have been little stinker, and it just got shortened to "Stink." Used in a sentence: "Come here Stink." If I say that in a store, I get some strange looks, so sometimes I catch myself and say, "Come here stink.....erdoodle!"

5. you lil' varmit - This one...I have no clue about. I think it's from vermin or varmint, a word for rats. (Wow, what a sweet term of endearment!) I think my mom may have used this, because I have no idea where this came from. I can just picture it now, when I drop the boys off at middle school

Steph: "Bye, you lil' varmits."

Boys Friend: Dude, what is a varmit, and what is up with your mom?

B and Collin: She's southern.


  1. Bubba, this is a good post. Your mama probably got that varmit saying from her cousin, Yosemite Sam. Love Pops

  2. i suppose the strangest one i call my 2 younger girls is 'toot' though it didnt start til this 3rd girl came along- cuz that is about all she did. lol... it came out one day and just stuck. my oldest i still call babydoll. she was my first 'live doll' and it kinda stuck :)

  3. calculatingblessingsApril 29, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Seriously, it's from Yosemite Sam? Too Funny! It must have been all those Saturday morning cartoons.