Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blessing #108 - The Goodwill Fairy Strikes

Spring is right around the corner, and I have had a major question on my mind.  What am I going to wear?

I know that sounds shallow (and it probably is), but you have to understand that last spring and summer I had nothing to wear. 

Maybe that's an overstatement, but it felt like it.  I wore this denim jacket about every other day.    It just seemed like I couldn't find anything that I liked to wear.

Yesterday, I went to Goodwill to look for some fabric for a project, and I had one of the best Goodwill days I have ever had...EvEr!

Here's what I got (just focus on the tops and not my jeans and boots....and ignore my hair for that matter)

I'm not 100% happy with this striped sweater (1) and navy tank (2) together.  It needs something else, but I don't know what yet. 

The silky coral multi-layer tank (3) and the white tank (4) underneath look good with my grey sweater for now, but I don't know what I'll pair them with this summer. ***I was getting tired of taking pictures at this point. 

Even though this brown Ann Taylor shirt (5) is long sleeve, it's sheer and perfect for warmer weather.

I put this coral sheer sweater (6) with a ruffled top that I already had. I may end up putting this sweater with a more simple shirt and a belt, but I don't know yet.

I loved this sheer polka dot belted shirt (7). It's cute by itself, or I may have to pair it up with something else. I guess I should also cut the Goodwill tag off.

I love this little black jacket (8).  I don't know if this ruffled shirt is it's permanent friend, but it's working for now.

This peachy/coraly t-shirt (9) looks great under a sweater I already had.  Can you tell by all these outfits that I've been a little obsessed with tangerines and coral colors?

I saw an outfit like this on pinterest so when I saw this striped shirt (10) I knew it would look great with this belt and sweater that I already had.

The Goodwill Fairy really hit big, and I feel like I am ready for spring now.  I may even be able to retire my denim jacket...but I do love that jacket.

I found many of these shirts on the same rack.  They were on a rack fresh out of the back room.  It must have been a donation from a woman my size with impeccable taste!

If you add it all up I got these 10 tops for $41.64.  That's the price of one shirt elsewhere! I've been saving up to get a new camera, but I had to break into my new camera fund for such a good deal. 

Somebody else was blessed by the Goodwill Fairy yesterday.

A really nice Goodwill customer saw me with my two boys and said, "Hey, there are some Harley Davidson boots if you are interested."  I looked at her and said, "My son is wearing a pair of snow boots right now.  So yes, we are interested." 

Four dollars later and I have one happy, HaPpY little boy, but he was too busy looking tough to look happy in this picture.

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  1. WAY CUTE outfits!! [i think the blue-striped sweater one needs that necklace that you are wearing with the peachy/coraly t-shirt]  I have lost a bit of weight recently and am looking forward to some thrifting SOON to find some suitable spring/summer clothing!!! :)

  2. Good looking outfits!  And really good looking boots!

  3. Mama, now that I have these motorcycle boots, Can I have a motorcycle? Me and poppy can go riding.
    Can I please, please, please. I know I can talk poppy into buying me one.  #3

  4. You are my hero could you come down and help me shop for 5 girls. Love you!

  5. Nicely done!  Which Goodwill store provided this lovely bounty of fashionable finds???  By the way, love the necklace in Find #6 pic.

  6. What great finds! And I love the look of the striped shirt with the cardi and belt! I like where you are going with the navy striped sweater with the shirt, maybe a bright green scarf or a light blue necklace? Or even some color blocking with something magenta? Navy is such a great color to mix others with!


  7. Wow, what a great Goodwill trip! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by how much there is, but my favorite jeans and purse and from there. I love how you styled all your new pieces!

  8. Major score!  I just started thrifting for clothes lately, and am AMAZED at what people give away!  That top outfit (striped sweater and navy tank) is adorable and so on trend... just add a pop of color with a scarf, jewelry or shoes... red or yellow and it will be fab!  Newly following, come see me some time... Orangies Attic

  9. love the stripes and polka dots!

  10. StylesavvywithkimMarch 12, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    I know what would look great with a few of those outfits....an orange belt!!!! Great blog and fabulous finds at GW!!!!