Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blessing #107 - Washing dishes

Remember when I moved and I complained a few times about having to wash dishes in this house. 


It was more like 10 times?

Well, who's counting. 

Yes, when we moved into this house I was not looking forward to washing dishes.  I had to wash dishes our first year of marriage and I hated it...HaTeD it.   I hated it so much that the first question I ask any time we have looked at a different rental home is, "Does it have a dishwasher!?!"

Surprisingly though, washing dishes hasn't really been that bad.  I would not go so far as to say I "enjoy" it, but it's not that bad.

 Originally, I planned on using all paper products, but I loOoOoOove dishes and eating off of pretty plates.  The work is worth it to me.  I try not to let the dishes pile up, and then it's not so overwhelming.

Since I spend so much time at my sink, I decided to pretty it up a bit.  First, I put some daffodils in my milk of magnesia bottles from last year.

Then I labeled some soap dispensers from the Dollar Tree.  I think Shad is going to have an intervention for my labeling addiction soon.  Yesterday, I labeled the trash can (not even kidding).

These little touches really brighten up the whole dish washing experience. 

Oh! I almost forgot the best part of washing dishes, my view.  I had such an amazing view at the old house, but this view is great too. 

With a view like that, who could hate washing dishes?


  1. Great post!  love #3s#1

  2. Good post. I especially like labeling the bottles. That reminds me ...... (see last blessing post). Ha. Ha.
    Just messing with you.
    Love ya. #3

  3. I had done a similar thing awhile back.  When my sink window is not adorned with the current holiday's decor (right now it is St. Patty's Day themed), it has one of my favorite scented candles. So, when I do dishes, I light the candle and enjoy the scent as I do dishes.  It's the little things.  Love the labels.  I, too, have dollar store soap dispensers, but with p-touch labels.  Need to glam it up a bit.