Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blessing #110 - a {new} mantle

I've been itching to do some work in our house.  I've developed a twitch every time I look at the dark paneling in our dining room and kitchen.  There's so much to do though I just end up feeling overwhelmed. 

The last time I felt that overwhelmed, I decided to decorate the mantle to spruce up the house. 

I loved displaying my glass collection, but it's been a few months and I was ready for a change. 

Saturday, I started shopping around my house for what I could use for a new mantle look. 

The last time I went to the Crumpton auction, I got this mirror in a lot with another item I wanted. (Collin is an expert photobomber. Somehow he managed to slip in this picture at the last second.)

I cleaned up the mirror, painted the frame orange, and I painted the mirror with chalkboard paint. 

That's right! I said chalkboard paint. 

Yes! I may or may not have a problem with my chalkboard addiction.

Everyone has their vices, mine just happen to be mason jars, burlap, and the overwhelming need to make everything a chalkboard

When Shad saw me pull out the chalkboard paint, he said, "Not another chalkboard!"  I just pretended like I didn't hear him and kept working.

In the end, I love the new look...

The other items on the mantle I picked from around the house. 

I really like the new mantle look, and it's helping me to feel like I'm actually getting something done in the house even if I still twitch when I see the dining room walls.

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