Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blessing #114- Beloved Sweethart

A few weeks ago, Shad and I found a coffee table in the trash...wait

I can see I'm going to need to explain.

The table wasn't technically in a trash can, but someone set it out on their curb beside their trash can to throw it away. 

Don't judge!

The curb is just the lazy man's Goodwill. 

Anyway, I jumped out of the van to look at the table and realized that the legs were broken beyond repair, but the table top was still in good shape. 

I loved the shape of the table top and I knew it would make a great sign.  (That ghost like reflection in the table top is Colli Bear expert photo bomber)

I pulled the legs off of the table and the table top has stayed in the mudroom for a few weeks. 

Monday, I was working on a project out in the mudroom when Shad came home.  The table was turned around, and just sitting there.

Shad and I talked for a while, and then Shad said, "Hey the table has something written on it."

The inscription says...

Made by Warren Franklin Reid April 4, 1938 For His Beloved Sweethart Rachel Emily Day

Immediately, I had a million questions. 

Did Shad say 1938?

Did Warren really call Rachel, "Beloved Sweethart?"

Do you spell it Sweethart or Sweetheart?

Was this a table that Warren made for Rachel to ask for her hand in marriage?

Did  Warren make it for Rachel and they broke up, but she kept the table all these years, until her jealous husband had enough and threw it out on the curb?

Oh! Did Warren make the table and then go off to war leaving Rachel behind with only a table to dust to remember him by.

Obviously, since we've gotten DirectTV, I have watched waAaAay too many Hallmark movies.  

I've tried to do some research on the names, but so far I have just had dead ends. 

I looked up "Warren Reid" in the phone book and decided to call.  A woman answered and I explained my situation.  She said, "Oh that is so sweet, but I know it's not this Warren. He has a really long middle name." I asked her if he possibly had any family members that it would belong to.  "He's from Japan." We both laughed. It was pretty clear cut, that was not my Warren Reid.

I realize that the easiest way to solve this problem is just to go to the house where we found it, but I can't remember what house it was. "(Wow! That really shows just how much trash Shad and I get off the curb.)
That is where I need help.  If you've ever done family tree research, or even if you are just a good googler, can you help me find Warren and Rachel?

Hallmark, if you do someday decide to make a "Beloved Sweethart," I know you like to use 80's and 90's stars in your movies.  Migh I suggest, Danica McKellar (a.k.a Winnie Cooper) to play me.   Winnie writes math books now, and  I feel that she would best understand my motivation.

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