Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blessing #106 - Model for a Day

Friday, I did something I never thought I would do.  I, Stephanie Lankford, being of klutzy brain and wobbly ankles, walked the catwalk in a fashion show.  But not just any fashion show, Goodwill of Delaware's Second Annual Second Hand Chic Fashion Show (I really don't think every one of those words needed to be capitalized, but it makes it look more official).

Goodwill of Delaware is my absolutely favorite Goodwill.  Their marketing team comes up with the best ideas like a You Tube commercial starring local celebrities, a Halloween costume contest (that I didn't win), facebook fans of the month, and the fashion show.  When I found out that the fashion show was looking for models, I had to apply for Shad and me. 

Unfortunately, Shad couldn't make it (story too long and boring to blog about), and I really missed him.  Shad and I are a tag team like peanut butter and jelly, butter and toast, or the Animal to my Hawk.

For the show, the models had to walk down this set of stairs, and for someone who has fallen down two full sets of stairs in my lifetime, I was terrified.

To make matters worse, I had on higher than I ever wear heels.  Now, I know what you are thinking, "Those heels don't look that high," but I don't wear very high heels.  Walking down stairs in heels was a recipe for disaster.

Apart from the shoes, I absolutely loved my outfit for the show.  My stylist Kim did a great job (That's right. I just typed, "my stylist").   Kim has a facebook page here, and she is AmAzIng.  She picked two outfits for me, and at the last minute she merged both outfits together to make this.  This total outfit (dress, jacket, belt, and shoes) cost $20. 

This is Kim and I on the night of the fashion show. Kim is my fashion hero.  She made the whole experience so much smoother. 

When I walked the catwalk for the fashion show, I had to stop at three different places and...strike a pose.  There were a few professional models that were practicing there moves before the show, and I realized I was in waaaaaaaay over my head.

As a community service, I restaged my three poses just for you (just in case you ever have to model).

#1. The "Ta Dah! It's me" pose - This is the pose I used when I first walked on stage.  It showcases the dress and the orange belt.

2. The collar pop - Yes, I learned so much watching the Fonz on Happy Days.  I had to resist the urge to say, "Ayyyyy," when I did this.

3. The "Would you like to buy a $10 watch?" pose -I wanted to show the cute lining of the coat so I used the "Would you like to buy a $10 watch?" pose. Be careful if you use this pose that you don't open up both sides that would be "the flasher" pose.

In the end, I made it through the show without tripping, and I had a great time. 

The fashion show was totally outside of my comfort zone, and I loved trying something new.  I love being a mom, but every so often it's is nice to do something new and different.  Thanks to all of my Goodwill friends for letting me be a part in such a fun night. 

P.S. This morning I drew a name for the junk drawer organizers, and the winner was Jamie!


  1. Love the story & the pics.  Love you more  #3s#1

  2. Great job Stephanie! You rocked that coat.  I meant to introduce myself but lost you in the crowd.  Maybe I'll see you in Goodwill one of these days!

  3. Are you kidding me? You were there! I would have loved to meet you in real life!

  4. Aww Mom! You just made my day!

  5.  We should meet up to check out the new GW outlet.  March is crazy but
    April would work!!