Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blessing #113 - Hand me downs

Last week, I was looking for a shirt to go with a pink cardigan that I got as a hand me down from a friend. 

The last time I went to Georgia, my friend Hope went through her closet and cleaned it out.  I was outside the closet door, and she would throw the clothes out at me.  I got two trash bags full of some great clothes!

Anyway, I was looking for a shirt to go under the sweater, and I just didn't like anything I had.  Then all of the sudden, I remembered a shirt that Shad had.  Hope's husband had given Shad a bag of shirts, and told him just to pick what he wanted. 

I thought I would try this pink shirt because it was the color and the look I was wanting. 

This shirt is far from flattering by itself.  However, once I put a sweater with it, and my orange belt from the Goodwill fashion show, I loved it!

I would have shortened the shirt, but my sewing machine is broke. 

Collin had to jump in and get in a picture. I was making faces at him in the mirror...but I guess that is obvious.

I love this outfit. It just seems to yell, "Spring!" These hand me downs definitely have a new life!

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  1. very cute  #3s#1

  2. Nicky at Momma Gets RealMarch 28, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    You styled that shirt perfectly!  Love the orange belt and bloom pin.  Cute outfit! 

  3. I absolutely LOVE the color combination!

  4. very cute outfit. I love all the pops of colour, the
    light pink shirt, the bright pink sweater and pin and the neon belt.
    Very cute.