Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Goodwill Style - Day 21 - Goodwill Style in Action {week three}

Three weeks and still no repeats! Woohoo! I am really surprised and really happy that I've been able to do it! 

Do you know what really bothers me about these posts? I can recall brands and prices of all these pieces....but I can't remember to pick up some butter when I'm at the grocery store. I just wish my brain could remember the important stuff.  

Here's what I wore this week....

scarf - Platos Closet - $6
sweater - Goodwill (Target) - $3.75
shirt - Goodwill - $3.75
jeggings - hand me down from a friend
boots - Platos Closet - $14
Outfit Total - $27.50

This outfit is basically a reworking of the outfit I wore the Sunday before this day. 

white shirt - Kohls - $3
green sweater - Goodwill - $3.75
jacket - Goodwill (Old Navy) - $3.75
jeggings - hand me down from a friend 
boots - Plato's Closet - $14
necklace - $10
Outfit Total - $34.50

This outfit looks nice in theory, but in reality I was not a fan.  As I wore the outfit the sweater would ride up but the undershirt would stay in place.  I had this weird middrift looking thing going on.  I was not a fan. The outfit was cute but not comfortable. 

jacket - hand me down from a friend
thrifting shirt - Goodwill - $12
jeans - Goodwill (Anne Taylor) - $5
shoes - $4
Outfit Total - $21

I had to do a lot of housework this day, but it wasn't so bad in my favorite tshirt.  If you are local and like it, the Goodwill of Delawares are selling them for a limited time.  All proceeds go to a scholarship fund. 

scarf - Plato's Closet - $6
shirt - Kohl's - $3
sweater - Goodwill (Kohls) - $3.75
jeggings - hand me down from a friend
boots - Plato's Closet - $14
Outfit Total - $26.75

I have been wanting a mustard scarf for a while so now that I have found one, I am wearing it a lot.  I like a big scarf.  This was a normal scarf, but I just tied the ends together to make an infinity scarf.  I found my scarf at Plato's Closet with the tag still on it.  Then I found out where it was sold originally. 

Rite Aid Drugstore!!! They sell for 2 for $12.  I think I am going to have to get the leopard one!

earrings - bartered
shirt - Goodwill - $3.75
sweater - Goodwill - $3.75
jeans - Goodwill (Jones New York) - $5
shoes - Goodwill - $4
Outfit Total - $16.50

B was out of school on this day and had to jump in the picture.  

tank top - $3. 75
jacket - $5
jeans - Goodwill (Jones New York) - $5
shoes - Goodwill -$4
necklace - bartered
Outfit Total - $17.75

Okay, so I know I have a problem with the polka dots, but I can't stop.

scarf - Plato's Closet - $6
shirt - over five years old
jacket - Goodwill - $5
skirt - Goodwill (Target) - $5
tights - $4
shoes - Goodwill - $4
Outfit Total - $24

This was such a crazy morning. The outfit I planned on wearing just didn't work.  A pile of tried on clothes later, and this is what I had.  Some days are just like that.  B tried to help out by picking out his own outfit.

He was so proud of himself, I wasn't about to change his style.  He said green was his favorite color, in case you couldn't tell.

If you take out all the repeat pieces the total for the week was...$107!!!! That averages out to be about $15 per outfit.

I'm only one week away from being done! This week, I'm sure I'll have to be really creative to keep from repeating!

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    You look great! I am so impressed with your style and pulling all these outfits together.