Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of Goodwill Style - Day 14 - Goodwill Style in Action - Week 2

Thank you, ThAnK YoU, THANK YOU for all your encouraging comments last week, and thank you to all my friends in real life that have been encouraging me in these posts.  

I always wonder when I pick a 31 days series if anyone will even care to read it, and your comments have been such a confirmation and encouragement to me.  I was so excited to hear about people trying out Goodwill for the first time!

Here's what I wore this week!

shirt - Goodwill (Old Navy) - $3.75
belt - it came with a sweater I got on clearance a few years ago that was $5 so let's say the belt was $2
sweater - Goodwill (the Limited) - $3.75
jeans - Goodwill (Jones New York) - $5
shoes - Target - $20
Outfit Total - $34.50

I was not sure about this outfit.  There was just something I didn't like about it, but I couldn't place it.  I have been wearing bright colors all summer, and the fall colors threw me for a loop.

cream colored shirt - Kohls - $3
purple sweater - over five years old found in the big closet clean out
polka dot jeans - Target - $12.54
necklace - Kohls - $5
shoes - Goodwill - $4
Outfit Total: - $24.54

The cream shirt underneath the sweater was such a good find! Kohl's had all their clearance 25% off.  The shirt was $4 and the 25% off made it only $3! I just threw this outfit together, and was really surprised how much I loved it. I think it needs a pin like this one.  I may have to make one.

mint shirt - Goodies - $17
striped jacket - Goodwill - $5
jeans - Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft) - $5
shoes - $4
Outfit Total - $31

I did not like this outfit.  I tried this jacket on with everything, and just couldn't settle on something I liked.  Sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss. For me, this was a miss. 

tshirt - Goodwill - $3.75
jacket - Goodwill (Target) - free
jeggings - hand me down from a friend
boots - present from my mom
belt - Goodwill - $1
Outfit Total - $4.75

It rained on Thursday and I was so excited! Why? I got to wear my rain jacket from the Goodwill fashion show! Rainy days are so much happier now that I have a cute outfit for them.  Originally, I had an orange belt to go with it, but I couldn't find it so the yellow belt worked.  

What did I have on under the jacket?.....Well, it waAaAas Shad's birthday week. 

Just kidding! Just kidding!

I had a casual tshirt on. C'mon! My dad and brother read this blog, and that comment probably just sent them into convulsions on the floor. 

Sorry Dad! I should not have done that to you, but my sweet brother....I am not sorry at all for doing that to you! That was for all my Happy Meal toys that you shot with rocks and your slingshot. 

dress - Goodwill - $5
tights - $4 (that's a guess)
shoes - old as dirt
Outfit Total: $9

Okay, before you go calling me a hoochie, let me explain.  Yes, this dress is shorter than I normally wear, and I don't normally do sleeveless, but this outfit was for Shad's birthday date. 

Without saying a word, this dress asks the question, "Aren't you glad you married me?"

Actually, it really asks, "Even after ten years, two boys, several moves, asthmatic lungs, and a dairy allergy, and even though we are just going out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with our two year old that is currently potty training........Aren't you glad you married me?"

Even though we have been married for ten years, sometimes, I still like to knock his socks off! Sometimes it's good to remind him and me that...I still got it! I still want to be pretty for him. (I almost said sexy, but I just don't think my dad could take another slip) No, it's not my typically dress, but it was perfect for that moment.

Maybe your outfit doesn't look like mine, but everyone needs an "Aren't you glad you married me" outfit. 

cream shirt - Kohls - $3
striped shirt - Goodwill - $3.75
jeggings - hand me down from a friend
boots - gift from my momma
Outfit Total: $6.75

Again, I liked this outfit, but it just needed one more thing, a scarf, a pin....something. It's a good start, and I'll figure it out next time I wear it.

cream shirt - Kohls - $3
cardigan - Goodwill (Target) - $3.75
chambray skirt - Goodwill (Target) - $2 ( I got it on $2 Tuesday)
tights - $4 ish
boots - Plato's Closet - $14
belt - H&M - $5
necklace - bought from a friend $10
Outfit Total - $41.75

This was my favorite outfit of the week! I would not have thought of pairing the green accessories with the brown sweater, but when I put it on, it just worked.  I've never done the whole "wear the belt over the cardigan" thing, but with this outfit, I liked it. I did have to look up how to tie a belt.  I used this link to tie it.

When you take out the repeat pieces the total for the week is $142.29 for seven outfits, and because I'm a math nerd, that averages out to about $20 an outfit (clothes, accessories, and shoes!)

I haven't said this yet, but maybe you have noticed. I'm TrYiNg not to have any outfit repeats.  I'm definitely repeating pieces, but not entire outfits. We will see if I actually do it.  That's why I haven't said anything about it yet because I was a big chicken and didn't know if I could, but I'm going to try!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I love this post. I am not good at style by any means and this is so encouraging!