Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Goodwill Style - Day 9 - Pinterest

Oh Pinterest! How I love you and hate you all at the same time! Today though, I will just focus on one of my favorite uses of Pinterest.

When you are finding your style, Pinterest is such a good place for inspiration. Here is how I use Pinterest for style.

1. I only pin outfits I could really wear.  Sometimes people use Pinterest to make a virtual closet that looks very different from their real life closet.  For some people, this may be a great way to find their style, but for me it just made me discontent with what I had.  That's when I decided just to use Pinterest to pin outfits I could recreate or outfits that included a piece I already had.

2. Pinterest gives great ideas when you don't know what to do with a piece. Last week, I found a blue gingham shirt at Goodwill.  While I loved the shirt, I was having a hard time thinking of creative ways to wear the shirt.  When I got home, I searched "blue gingham shirt" and found some great outfit ideas.

3. Pinterest helps you get the most out of the clothes you have.  I have seen an outfit on Pinterest and then thought, "Hey, I have a shirt close to that! And I have a pair of pants that color!" Suddenly an old piece is given new life when I see it in a new way.  If you don't believe me, check out this post from Organizing Made Fun.

In the past, I thought that style was just something you had, and I always felt like I was born without the style gene.  Now I really believe that style can be learned just like anything else.  Pinterest is a great place where you can learn about style and what looks good on you.

You can check out my {clothes} pinterest board here. 

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