Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blessing #59 - Templeton

Have you ever seen Charlotte's Web? (I didn't see it until I was in my twenties.) There is a rat in the movie name Templeton, that scavenges to find words for Charlotte. For about a year, Shad has earned the nickname Templeton because he is constantly scavenging for things.

Templeton (a.k.a. Shad) loves to get things for free. He has no trouble stopping and looking through someones trash when they have good items on the curb. He has no trouble pulling over, walking up to someone's door, and asking if something in the person's yard is for free.

Here are some things he has gotten for free over the past two months...

1. two side tables (which I needed)
2. plastic storage drawers
3. small drawers from ikea
4. a lampshade
5. 10 old windows
6. an antique table
7. an old amour

8. a plastic lawn chair awesome 70's desk chair
10. a razor scooter
11. a dresser I'm using as my tv stand (It's my next project)

12. 8 picture frames

A few weeks ago, someone put out several items on a curb on trash day. Shad and I both got out to scavenge through (he is rubbing off on me). Shad started to open up a trash bag. Now, that is where I draw the line...I will not open up a trash bag.(I have standards you know) Anyway, Shad opened up a trash bag, looked at me, and disappointingly said, "Oh...It's just trash." I had to laugh at him.

I don't complain about Shad and his Templeton ways. I love projects and fixing things up, and he is providing me an endless supply of projects...I just need more storage.

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