Monday, June 13, 2011

Blessing #60 - Someone in my Corner

Once a month, I sing with a group in our church during the service. Yesterday, as we sang, I had a solo during the song for the first time. As I was singing, I looked out over the crowd, and one face stuck out to me, Shad's.

He did not stick out because he was so ruggedly handsome...although he is (I had to throw that in there). His face stuck out because I could clearly see that he was routing for me. He didn't stand up and say, "You can do it!" He didn't need to say anything, his eyes and smile spoke volumes. The singer beside me even noticed Shad routing for me.

I never really thought of that aspect of marriage until yesterday. Although yesterday he was just cheering me on during a simple song, it's good to know he's there for the bigger challenges we face. Pass or fail, victory or defeat, I'm so glad I've got Shad in my corner cheering for me.

1 comment:

  1. True love wants the person they love to succeed. It makes no difference what it is, they are there cheering you on. I am glad you have a true love.
    It gives peace to a father to know that his daughter is loved by her husband now as she was loved by her father before he can along. #3