Monday, June 13, 2011

Curse #21 - The boy in the hooded sweatshirt

I've explained before that Brandon has a unique fashion sense. I still choose my battles and clothes is still not a battle I am willing to fight with Brandon, but yesterday Brandon tested my rule.

Yesterday, I told Brandon to get dressed and he decided that he wanted to wear a hooded sweatshirt...IN JUNE! I told Brandon, "Hey, you don't need that sweatshirt. It's hot." Brandon being the logical thinker he is answered, "The jacket will keep the hot off of me." I knew I could argue with him, but I figured he would catch on soon after we left the house.

We went to my mother-in-law's to water the "garden," and he still wore his sweatshirt, zipped up and with the hood on his head.

"He'll catch on soon," I thought to myself. Then we went to the post office and he still wore his sweatshirt with the hood still on his head. An older lady looked at Brandon like he had something wrong with him.

"Any minute now, he's going to break," I thought, but as we walked into the library he still had the sweatshirt on with the hood still on his head. To make matters worse, we came during a kid's program, and there were several mothers waiting in the main library for their kids. In walked my boy with the sweatshirt with the hood on, and they all looked at him like he had leprosy. I've heard these moms talk before, during kids program. Most of their conversations involve how smart and talented their kids are, and there I was in a stand off with the boy in the hooded sweatshirt.

He never broke! He only took his sweatshirt off after we got home! (If you are keeping score that Brandon-1, mommy-0) I should have known it would end that way, that boy inherited my stubbornness.

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