Friday, June 24, 2011

Give Me Five Friday- {the five dadas}

Last week, Collin said his first word, "Dada." Because his vocabulary is only one word, Collin has to use "Dada" for many things. Today's five is a glossary of Collin's dadas

the five {dadas} of Collin

1. dada (with high pitched squeal)- This means "I love this. I want more of this."

2. ah dada - This is the dada he uses when he is feeling cool. I think he is saying, "I'm the man," when he says, "ah dada."

3. dada (with clenched fists)- This happens when he is frustrated. It is usually accompanied by a cry so high that he would make Mariah Carey jealous of the note he is hitting.

4. dada (while looking at one of us)- When he looks at me and says, "Dada" that means "Hi Mom." When he looks at B and says, "Dada" that means "Hi Brandon." When he looks at Shad and says "Dada" that means "Hi...Dada"

5. daaaaaaaaaadaaaaaa - This is when he is really concentrating. Usually when he says this dada he is trying to figure out one of life's great mysteries like, "Why isn't everything edible."

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