Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Curse #19 - The drive thru greeting

I have come to really dislike ordering at the McDonald's drive thru. Is it that I have grown to hate eating McDonald's food? I have, but that's not the reason why. Is it that I feel like a failure as a mom for letting my son eat that stuff? No. I have grown to hate the pre-recorded intro greetings in the drive thru.

Let me explain. Here is an example of what a typical drive thru ordering experience is like for me.

I pull up to the speaker...

Man's voice: Hi, welcome to McDonald's. Would you like to try one of our new McCafe shakes?

Me: No thank you sir. I just need a large unsweet tea, a cheeseburger happy meal with no onions and a sprite to drink wi.....

Lady's voice: Hi, may I take your order.

That's the moment I realize that the first voice was a recording, and I just gave my order to the air.

You think I would catch on, but I fall for this about 80% of the time. The idea of having a little intro as you pull up is a great idea, but why...WHYYYYYY do they have to end it with a question...

Would you like to try our new angus burger?
Would you like our new strawberry lemonade freeze?
Would you like one of our tasty McCafe coffees?

Even when I realize that it's a recording, I always feel like I have to answer the question. I always feel the compulsion to tell the recording, "No thank you." Also, the southern in me says yes sir and yes ma'am to everyone...even the drive thru recording.

While I am ordering to the air, I am convinced that the actual drive thru worker is making fun of me. Why? Because I used to work drive thru and that's exactly what I would do.

Thanks McDonald's for adding yet another moment of awkwardness to my life.


  1. One day you will have to go to In N Out in CA. They are the most polite drive thru people EVER. And, sometimes they stand in the drive through driveway to personally take your order. ;)

  2. I enjoy replying "No thank you robot". Also In-n-Out is very polite indeed.