Monday, June 6, 2011

Curse #20 - Brandon Dialing

Friday, the worship leader from our church sent me a note on facebook about a song a group I'm in is singing this month.

At the end of the note he included:

"Also, were you aware that you butt dialed me awhile ago? I didn't realize it was you until my wife and I were listening and she was like that's totally Steph. I guess you could hear the kids in the background and you were practicing "Glorious Day." Lucky for you, that's all we heard!

After I read this, I immediately knew what happened. I know that I did not butt dial, (that is when you accidentally dial a number on your phone when it is in your pocket) because my phone locks when it is not in use. I must have Brandon dialed.

When Brandon gets a hold of my phone, he likes to "pretend" that he is calling people. He has called my Mom, my Dad, and he's even left a thirty minute message that I didn't know about at the place where I tutor.

Here's the reason I sometimes wonder if Brandon is a GeNiUs. It's embarrassing to call the worship leader on your mom's phone. It's embarrassing to call someone while your mom is practicing singing, but it's soOoOoO much worse when you call the worship leader and his wife, who are both amazing singers,AS YOUR MOM IS PRACTICING SINGING!!! (WHO DOES THAT HAPPEN TO!) Brandon is definitely gifted when it comes to embarrassing me.

I must have told Brandon he could not go outside that day, and he decided to get back at me. Well, Brandon it worked. You win. Game, Set, Match! Checkmate! Now if you will please excuse me I have to go hide my phone.

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  1. That's too funny! Luke will do the same thing if we're not careful. :)