Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blessing #58 - Simple Faith

Most of the time, Brandon struggles with focusing. It's just in his genes, he's a boy, and he's four years old are just a few of the reasons he doesn't focus on one thing for too long. For that reason, when Brandon's mind is thinking about Jesus, we always answer his questions. Shad and I call them our windows of opportunity. They pop up when you least expect it, and for some reason they always seem to happen in the car. One day, while we were riding down the road, B asked me, "How far away is heaven?" I told him it was very far away. It's so far we can't drive or fly to heaven. I explained the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus. Then he noticed a tractor, and just like that the window closed.

Shad and I both felt like we were making the right decision not pushing Brandon into salvation, and using our little windows of opportunity, but then Saturday, the window of opportunity became a door.

Shad and B were in the car when B asked, "Daddy, I need to ask Jesus in my heart to be my Savior so I can go to heaven." Shad turned the car around and came home to see me. He knew if B was going to trust in Jesus he wanted me to be there (he's a good husband like that). When they got home, Shad and I talked with Brandon, and then Brandon prayed the sweetest simple prayer and asked Jesus to save him. The next day at church, he excitedly told everyone that, "I asked Jesus to be my Savior, and He saved me!"

Both Shad and I agreed not to push him, but we were both astonished when he came right out and asked to be saved. I don't know why I was so surprised because that's exactly how I got saved. When I was six, I walked up to my first grade teacher at my Christian school and said, "I need to get saved!" (I was much more direct, and not nearly as eloquent as Brandon.)

I'm so thrilled that Brandon came to trust Christ early, but I wouldn't be fully honest if I didn't tell you that I am nervous. So many kids that get saved early struggle with assurance. I never struggled with that area, but I struggled with apathy. Jesus was just common to me. I saw Him only as my ticket to heaven, and not the One that I needed every moment.

You may think it's wrong for me to even think these thoughts, but this is one area that I don't want to mess up in parenting. Matthew 19:14 has really helped with my nervous feelings. It says, " But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Just like Brandon had simple faith in Jesus, I have to have simple faith in Him too.


  1. Praise the LORD!!! how wonderful. children will understand when you use your windows of opportunity.... some earlier than others, and as parents we just have to pray and gently teach. this is how our oldest was saved-and now she tells her little sisters-sometimes pushing :) but she is in earnest!

  2. The Gospel is good news when we here it and good news when we receive it. It is good news when we hear of others who accept the Lord Jesus.
             Thanks for sharing, Pop

  3. What amazing news for your whole family. Those nerves are all too familiar. And so I start to pray. I did not stop by expecting to leave a comment here about what is going on at my blog...but in light of this post...you might be interested...we are praying for our sons. I can't remember if you did the 21 days of prayer the first time, but I am leading a group with Brooke.

  4. Brandon, I am so thankful that you asked Jesus into your heart.  One day we will all get to enjoy heaven together.  I love you!!!   Love, MiMi