Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blessing #49- Furniture with a story

I love to have pieces of furniture in my house with a story. This weekend, I found this old table at a yard sale. I think it was in someone's garage and was only used for old paint, but now it's near my front door, and holds decorations. (The lampshade is too small for that lamp, but it's temporary until I find the right shade for it.) When a piece of furniture has a story, it just adds character to the whole house.

Excuse me! I have a story too!

No, Table, I just went and bought you at the furniture store.

No, I have a great story. *ahem* In a factory far far away, in a magical land called China...

Table! I don't have time for this! Like I was saying I love furniture with a story. The chair under the old table was military issue around the time of WW2, so who knows what this chair has seen.

Wait! I've seen soooo much. In that magical land of China these workers placed plans on me. I'm trying to remember what they said. The Great Great Wall of China. I'm always getting my w's and m's confused.

Table! Now you are just making up a story!

But I do have a good story! Remember you searched for several months for me as you saved up your money. You even had a yard sale to save up the last bit of money. You were so excited when you had enough money that you went right to the store, and you didn't change your yard sale money out and paid for me with alot of one dollar bills. I was the first major purchase you paid for with cash!

Hmmm...That is a good story!

Yeah! Good times. Good times.

That's a good story so I guess you can stay.

And the workers shipped me to America in a big boat. That boat was called The Wayflower...correction...the Mayflower.

OK, Table, now you are just pushing your luck.


  1. Toooo funny! What is the name of that medication? You may have taken an overdose!!! No I rememeber your brain works a little different than the rest. HaHa Love you much Love the post #3s#1

  2. You could keep a table journal...for anyone that comes to dinner to tell a story from the table's perspective.