Friday, May 6, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate: {Meme's mashed potatoes}

Warning: Never, ever, ever, make your husband chicken planks (recipe found here ). I made chicken planks for Shad in November, and he has been asking for them ever since. No matter how many times I make them, anytime I ask the question, "What would you like to eat?" His answer is always, "Chicken planks!" Chicken planks are very labor intensive, and if I make chicken planks, I have to make comeback sauce to go with them.

The other night, Shad was helping me pick a recipe from Southern Plate to cook this week. Shad said, "Hey, is there a recipe for mashed potatoes in there?" Excited to have a good pick, I said, "Yeah! Genius Shad! I'll make that this week." Shad smiled and said, "Great! Mashed potatoes go great with chicken planks!"

Curses! Tricked! Well, I am making Meme's mashed potatoes tonight, and I'll let you know how they taste. I love mashed potatoes, and I consider my mashed potatoes to be great, but I'm interested to see what this recipe tastes like. You can find the recipe here. So tonight we are having chicken planks, mashed potatoes, and some other vegetable. It's okay though, Mother's Day is Sunday, so I'm just buttering them up.

I did make something unusual this week.

Recognize these handsome guys...chocolate covered peeps. I made a fried peanut butter and peeps sandwich a month ago, and now I had to try this treat. It would have been better if they were fresh Peeps, and not slightly stale 50% off two weeks after Easter Peeps, but they were still good.

Is there a Peeps cookbook? That may have to be the next cookbook I cook through.


  1. I bet you could market a Peeps cookbook. ;)

  2. Stephanie, you are a very good wife, Shad knows this. You are a good mother, B & C knows this. You are a good daughter, your mother and I
    know this. Most of all, you are a good Christian, good spirit, good testimonty, the Lord Jesus and others know this. #3

  3. Great post!! Be thankful Shad likes your cooking. That is the best form of flattery!! You're a great wife & mother, always trying to improve yourself.
    Love, #3s#1

  4. Great post!! #3s#1