Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate: {sweet tea and baked ham}

I know what you are thinking? Who needs a recipe for sweet tea? Well, I do, because according to Shad, my tea is, "Naaaasty."

Unlike everyone else, I like my tea almost unsweet. I put just about a 1/2 cup of Splenda to 3 quarts of tea. When I was pregnant with Collin, I liked straight unsweet tea, no sugar. Now, because my taste is for unsweet tea, I can't tell when sweet tea tastes good. Everything just tastes too sweet.

Making sweet tea was a perfect excuse to use my new beverage server! I had been looking at these at Pottery Barn and Walmart, and loved them. I was very excited to find one at a yard sale!

Anyway, I made this yesterday, and when Shad came home I said, "I made sweet tea. Try it!" He hesitantly grabbed the cup, took a very small sip, and surprisedly said, "This tastes good." You can find the recipe for Shad approved sweet tea here. This week, I also made a baked ham. I could not find the recipe on Southern Plate, but I did find this recipe for an easy glaze here.

The magic ingredient for the baked ham I made was pancake syrup. That's right, pancake syrup, and that ham was great! Make sure when you cook it to save the drippings in the bottom of the pan. When I serve the ham, I put a spoonful of that on top of the ham. It's so thin, you don't even notice it's on the ham, but it just gives it a slightly sweet taste.


  1. I must be from CA. I put 1/4 c. splenda in a gallon. But I don't call it sweet tea. ;) I cut back from 1/2c. Splenda b/c it was getting too sweet.

  2. Love your fancy beverage server along with the jar to drink out that's southern..   Love #3s#1