Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Minute Friday: {motherhood should come with}

I'm joining Five Minute Friday over at the Gypsy Mama. The rules for the post are that it only has to take you five minutes to write. This week's topic is...

Motherhood should come with...

When I became a mother, I really wish I would have received a few helpful items.

1. The ability to adjust the volume in my ears, making myself immune to noisy toys and annoying songs on kids shows.

2. Special goggles to wear that would make impervious to Brandon's cute faces when he gets in trouble.

3. A time out button that would allow me to google, read a Dobson book, or go ask my mom what I should to in a certain situation.

4. A way to slow time down, because for some reason my kids seem to be growing up quicker than other kids.

5. An extra set of arms, that could hold the baby, cook, and put away dishes all at the same time.

However, most of the time I have the lyrics to "John Deere Country" in my head. I melt when Brandon gives me certain looks. I have to make many split second decisions, and my kids continue to grow like weeds. One thing that seems to come with motherhood though, is the ability to love someone more than I ever thought possible. Your heart has to grow two sizes when a new baby comes, and I guess that will have to do until I invent that extra set of arms.


  1. Love your list. All of these would be great!

  2. Great post!! Hope you're feeling better!! Loved #3s#1

  3. I LOVE this one:
    The ability to adjust the volume in my ears!

  4. I hear you! This is a great list and I can very much relate. :)

  5. Goggles...hysterical. I need them!!! Especially when my kids start their illogical reasoning. Sometimes the way they thing is just toooooo funny!