Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessing #53 - Cocopirate

Two weeks ago, Shad found Cocopirate at a yard sale for 50 cents, and I never expected to be calculating that little scary guy as a blessing, but today, I am.

Soon after Shad bought Cocopirate, I put a picture of him on facebook. One of our friends, Ryan, saw him and commented, "Man, that thing is creepy. I've seen too many horror movies to allow that pirate in my house...hehe" He then went on to say how it reminded him of a story about a scary African warrior doll that comes to life, and that's when the idea came to me. I could give Ryan and his wife Sheena Cocopirate! It would be a funny joke, and I would get that creepy little creature out of my house. Win win (for me at least). I asked Shad if I could give Cocopirate away, and he was against it, but as soon as I told him my plan, he was all about it.

Wednesday, I dropped Cocopirate off at Ryan and Sheena's house while they were both at work.

I attached a note to him that read...

RRRRRyan and Sheenargh,

When I heard how much Ryan loved me, I knew I had to get herargh. So I started walking...actually hopping because my legs are connected, but that's neither hear nor therargh! So I come to you with open arghms asking for love. (Technically, I have a knife attached to one of those arms, but let's focus on the big pictargh.) I guess I'll just make this simple...I'm your's



Ryan was the first one to get home, and when he came up to his front steps, this is what he saw...

After Cocopirate startled Ryan, Ryan put the doll in the bathroom to scare Sheena when she got home, and it worked, beutifully. Actually, I think he scared her a couple of times with it because Sheena has now hid it in their house.

One thing you need to understand about Sheena and Ryan is that their hobby is shooting guns so I was a little nervous about startling them. Fortunately, Cocopirate survived with no major injuries, and now has a brand new home.

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  1. The blessings of friends. The blessings of memories to come that will bring a smile to your face.  The blessing of seeing and enjoying this life as you travel thru. You are a blessing.    Dad