Monday, May 2, 2011

My case for Mother's Day

Dear Brandon and Collin (a.k.a. my boys),

Someday when you are older, you may be tempted to say that Mother's Day is just a greeting card company holiday. Just in case,you are tempted not to celebrate this day set aside for honoring me...I mean...mother's, I will plead my case.

Why My Boys should Celebrate Mother's Day

Because I dreamed, hoped, and prayed for you before you even existed.

Because "morning sickness" should be called "24 hour for 12 weeks sickness".

Because I was eight months pregnant in July.

Because I gave birth to all 9 lbs. 9 oz. and 10 lbs. 0 oz. of you.

Because one of the first sounds you ever heard was me saying,through my teary eyes, "I love you," over and over again.

Because I breast-fed you. (I even took a class for it.)

Because when you were still hungry after breast feeding, I gave you a bottle.

Because I woke up every couple of hours when you needed to be fed.

Because I still woke up on the hours you weren't feeding just to make sure you were breathing.

Because I hoped to be the first mother to find a cure for colic.

Because I failed to find a cure for colic.

Because I trust my instincts over a doctor's opinion.

Because I consider myself documenter of your memories, and I take that job very seriously.

Because I change your diapers.

Because I taught you how to use the potty...well, me and the M&M's.

Because you make my heart stop at least once a day, with one of your crazy stunts.

Because I kiss your boo boos.

Because I have watched countless hours of tractor movies.

Because I believe our little traditions will lead to big memories.

Because I have stepped on your toys too many times.

Because I look for windows of opportunity to tell you about Jesus.

Because I let you get dirty.

Because I cheer loudly for you even in your smallest victories.

Because I protect you from yourself and from each other.

Because I have been peed on, pooped on, spit up on, and throwed up on, and most of the time that happens right before I walk out the door to go to church.

Because I am not a perfect mother, I make mistakes everyday, but I am trying my best.

Because no one (besides your dad) in the world we can see loves you more than me.

Because you hold a piece of my heart that no one else does.

Because all the work and sacrifice is well worth being able to hear, "Mommy, I love you."

...but when you are older, a card would be nice

...or at least a phone call.


  1. Remember that's "ditto" from me to you. Love you #3s#1 Great post

  2. calculatingblessingsMay 2, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    Mom, your list would be much longer and would include...
    Because I tried to teach your left-handed self how to knit.

    Because I stayed for three weeks after Collin was born.

    Because you took my grandbabies to Maryland.

    I think that last one is your biggest trump card that you have. That being said, the card is in the mail.

  3. This is a wonderful post for those who can send cards or call. But for the rest of us, we just tear up and say in our hearts, "Mama, I love you."
    Thanks for making me cry at 9:10 in the morning. I'm going to write about daughters one day and make you cry. Love you Bubba.

  4. calculatingblessingsMay 2, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    Sorry Pop, I wish I could have met her. I just pulled out her green pitcher that I had on Saturday, and tried to find a place to put it so I can see it everyday.

  5. calculatingblessingsMay 2, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Thanks Ashley!

  6. You are correct! That last one will take alot of making up for. Still love you. Mom