Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blessing #50- The Plate Wall

A few months ago, I set out to change the look of our house. Everything in our house was a warm palette, and I wanted to move to a cool palette (Yes, I've read one to many design blogs.)

One project I wanted to tackle first was the wall behind my table. It was covered in a large red picture that I got it for free when I bought the table. However, I do not like ginormous flower pictures. That's right I love flowers, but hate flower pictures...go figure.

One thing I adore though is plates, and when I began to see gallery plate walls online, I knew I wanted that in my house. The only problem was we cannot paint the white walls in our rental house, and white plates don't really pop on a white wall. I tried to hang burlap and then put the plates on it, but that was too difficult. Discouraged, I almost decided to stop, but then I remembered one of the mottos of a blog I love, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." The plate wall may not be as pretty as it could be, but it's good enough for me right now.

I made two trips to Goodwill and found some awesome plates. They cost me on average 75 cents a piece. After suffering sticker shock at the price of a plate hanger ($1.50), I still kept at it. And here's the almost finished product. The total cost for the wall plate hangers and all was $21.

There's still one more plate to hang. See the paper template of it on the right. Notice the oblong plate on the far left. After I took this picture, Shad came home and noticed the hanger on it was loose. He told me, "This plate is going to fall." I explained to him I rigged it up with tape and that plate would NOT fall. The next night...that plate fell. I hate it when he's right. Fortunately, I have an extra just like it.

The red flower picture may have looked better and "popped" more, but it wasn't me or Shad. We are a family that appreciates old and second hand things, and I think this wall shows that.

If you are looking for design inspiration, you can check out these blogs that inspired me, The Nester and The Inspired Room.

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  1. love the wall, Steph. Looks really great!! Love you #3s#1