Monday, December 20, 2010

Blessing #16- Ornaments

Our family loves traditions. Traditions give us something to look forward to, and someday they will give us something to look back to. One of our many family traditions is to get an ornament every year. Shad and I started this tradition the first Christmas we were married. We don’t collect lines of ornaments from Hallmark (we aren‘t that organized). Instead, we just find an ornament that represents that year or just sticks out to us. We also started the tradition for the boys. Brandon started picking out his ornament a few years ago. Let me show you his choices.

2 years old - tractor (He really liked this ornament. Notice the missing front wheels.)

3 years old - train

4 years old (this year) - fire truck

Do you see a pattern? He definitely loves things with wheels.

Shad and my ornament this year

Mr. Collin's first ornament

This was definitely our hardest year to find ornaments. It was a quest that has taken most of the month of December. However, I realized all of our trouble was worth it as soon as I pulled out all of our ornaments from years past. Looking at these ornaments takes me back to each year of our marriage, and each year of our sons. They aren't worth anything to anyone else, but to me they are priceless.


  1. I agree. A lot of times people like to have these "Pottery Barnish" trees with matching ornaments and garland and that's pretty, but I LOVE to see a tree with ornaments that represent memories and special times. That really says "Christmas" to me! My children get all excited when I pull out the ornament box and they get to hold each one and reminisce about why we have it.

  2. That's too strange that you mentioned that Stephanie. (It sounds like I'm answering myself) Last year, I wanted to have a pretty Christmas tree. It was gorgeous, but I decided to display our special ornaments in a different way. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. I really missed having them on display. So this year I incorporated them into my pretty tree. It's not as pretty on the eyes, but it's much prettier on my heart. (OK I admit that's a little sappy, but it's Christmas week. It's allowed)