Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Life- December 20- 26

This week's pictures are mainly all on Christmas. Hope you enjoy! As always if you'd like to see other Project Life just go to The Mom Creative.

Friday, December 24- I slaved for hours...hour on this sweet potato souffle. I wrapped it in tin foil and a towel and Shad put it in the van to take to his family's Christmas party. We showed up and I got B out of his car seat. I had tunnel vision and did not notice that the sweet potatoes were under B, so he stepped on it. Fortunately, because it was so wrapped up, it was not ruined. I just made sure I ate the footprint indent part.

Saturday, December 25- This is an imperfect picture, but I love what it captured. I love all my boys.

Saturday, December 25- I was going for a posed picture, but I love this one so much better. There is nothing cuter or funnier than a baby yawning. ***Life Lesson 28,483- If you plan on taking pictures, get up early on Christmas and put on some makeup.

Saturday, December 25- Brandon's Mom-mom gave him the gun and holster on Christmas Eve. As you can see, he decided to open all his presents with his gun.

Saturday, December 25- Our family always goes to Waffle House for breakfast every Christmas. Growing up, my family always did that because we traveled to North Carolina every Christmas day. Anyway, we went there for supper this year. My brother's family sent B a snake for Christmas. "Snakey" had to go to the Waffle House with us. As a mom, I cringed when we left as Snakey's tail dragged all along the ground of the Waffle House.

Saturday, December 25- B loved watching the Cook cook (that's repetitive). The cook decided to juggle for Brandon. B thought it was amazing. When he was done the cook made sure to tell B not to juggle eggs, but to practice with tennis balls. Thank you Cook. You saved me alot of cleanup.

Sunday, December 26- I went to Walmart the day after Christmas to get supplies for a threatening snowstorm (I'm southern we have to prepare). I found these votive that perfectly matched my Christmas centerpiece. I had some votives already, but they didn't match good. You've gotta love 50% off.


  1. Great pics. Love the one with Collin yawning & Brandon making a funny face. That's my boys. Love ya'll MiMi

  2. Love your pictures esp. of Collin yawning. What a sweetie. Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas and what a fun tradition Waffle House must be:)

  3. Hey Steph,

    Those were fun. Sorry about the foot-print!! I made that too, and oh my, it was sooooooooo good. Yummy.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love your son's silly face in that picture - nicely captured, I agree! :)

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas. I'm glad you took the time to make it over...

    BTW, on Christmas day, my daughter blurted out "Thanks to Wayang (her aunt) I like sweet potatoes again!" Apparantly, I make them too "healthy tasting" and my sister makes a casserole with sweet crumb topping! LOL! :)