Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Life - December 13-19

I missed pictures a few days this week, but I got extra on other days to make up for it. We've really been enjoying this Christmas season. As always if you'd like to see other Project Life just go to The Mom Creative.

Monday, December 13- I decided to sit down and get some pics of the boys for Christmas. We didn't have time to get the family shot this year (you know having a baby and all), but I got some great ones of the boys! This is my favorite shot of B.

Monday, December 13 (again)- This is my favorite picture that I got of Collin. I just love those baby cheeks.

Tuesday, December 14- no pic

Wednesday, December 15- no pic

Thursday, December 16- The first snow! This was my kind of snow, just a dusting.

Thursday, December 16 (again)- While Collin was having tummy time, Brandon decided to share his toys with him. I think we need to have a talk about 3 and under toys.

Friday, December 17- Shad had to get this year's ornament off of a tree a Cracker Barrell. It was the only one like it that we could find. It was really stuck on there.

Saturday, December 18- no pic

Sunday, December 19- We are making steps in the right direction. I still haven't gotten the "first church service" pics, but I got this picture as I sat down with Collin waiting on Shad to get out of Sunday school.

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