Friday, December 10, 2010

Give Me Five Friday- {southern Christmas songs}

If you've missed it, here's the short version of Give me Five Friday. I like making lists. Every Friday I'll make a list. The only rule is it has to be five things.

OK, I know I have talked way too much about Christmas music, but I promise this is the last post about it. I noticed a different branch of Christmas music this week., the “Southern Christmas Song.”

Living in Maryland, I have determined to teach my boys about their southern heritage. Collin was born in Delaware so......

Calm down baby. I think we can work out a dual citizenship deal.

Don't be disappointed Delaware is a fantastic state. I have come to really appreciate it!

Anyway, at Christmas I find myself belting out these Southern Christmas favorites and driving my husband crazy.

{five favorite southern Christmas songs}

1. Christmas Times A’Comin’ - I really think the name says it all. What the songs about, and the type of audience it’s for.

2. Santa Claus is Watching You by Ray Stevens- My brother reminded me of this one. I had forgotten all about it. “He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!”

3. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer- We all know how I feel about this song.

4. Any Christmas song sung by Dolly Parton "Hard Candy Christmas" or "A Christmas to Remember"

5. Christmas in Dixie- This is the ultimate southern Christmas song. Seriously, this song makes me homesick. I always say Commerce, Georgia where they say Ft. Payne, Alabama.

Do you know of any more I could add to the list?


  1. Collin looks really worried! MiMi

  2. You have to stand up and take your hat off when Alabama sings any Christmas song!