Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Curse #6- Pictures of Myself

Shad and I have an ongoing argument. It usually occurs right after Shad takes a picture of me. He’ll look at the camera screen and say, “uh….Let’s take another one.” When he’s done, I look at the pictures and I always come to the same conclusion. Either Shad is terrible at taking pictures, or I’m not photogenic at all. Shad is wise enough to know he shouldn’t say I’m not photogenic. Instead, he always blames it on the camera by saying, “This camera stinks!“ Let me show you some recent examples of some pictures Shad took of me.

*****Warning***** These are not good pictures of me. Please cancel these bad pictures out by looking at a good one. Please refer to Friday's picture in Project Life- December 6-12 .

Do you know what B is thinking, "Mommy, open your eyes!"

Still not opening my eyes.

Did I just wake up?

This pictures not half bad. Wait...no...look more closely. That man's head behind me blends into mine, and makes me look like I have a funny bump on my head.

I don’t know what you think, but I’ve reached my conclusion. For my pride’s sake, I won't say I’m not photogenic. I also don’t want to throw Shad under the bus, so I’ll agree with him and say…”Our camera stinks!!!”


  1. He was sitting on the same side of the table as Shad.