Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Project Life - November 29 - December 5

Here's this weeks pictures. I love how in many of the pictures you can tell that Christmas is getting near. Again if you want to join in or view other Project Life projects just go to The Mom Creative.

Monday, November 29- no picture

November 30- I just love my guy. I call him little old man. I know it's a strange thing to call him, but I'm sleep deprived. A lot of strange things make sense when you are sleep deprived.

December 1- While I was in the other room, B was working on this. Wow! All the red toys are on the red rug and all the green toys are on the green rug. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried.

December 2- B had his yearly physical. This was him after getting two shots and not crying. The doctor informed us that he was small for his age, but that's just fine. Whatever he lacks in size he makes up for in personality!

December 3- I love this hat. I saw it a Children's Place and it was on sale! I couldn't find his size, so I pulled this one off the display. He hadn't gotten his winter hat yet, and I think this one is perfect. Only one problem though, every time he puts it on, he growls for five minutes.

December 4- We have a family tradition of getting ornaments for the members of our family. This year it has not been easy. We just can't seem to find the right ones. Finally, we were able to find B one at Hallmark, but it was sold out. After going to three different places we found it. All for the tradition!

December 5 - First off, no I STILL did not get a picture of Collin in church. Epic Failure! Anyway, Collin has some difficulty keeping a pacifier in his mouth. He spits it out constantly and then gets mad. So Shad's solution was to put the blanket in fron of the pacifier to hold it in. Do you see those eyes? They are saying, "Wow, these are my parents."

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  1. Great shots Steph! Love the hat too. He's a cutie.