Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessing # 17- Lankford Family Christmas Project 2010

As you can tell, I love traditions. We have about four or five traditions for Christmas time. One of my favorites is the Lankford Family Christmas Project. Every year Shad and I pick out a way for our family to give. This year, we decided to give 20 dollars away, 5 dollars at a time. It's not a lot, but it's something.

We put each $5 in an envelope with a note that talked about Christ and Christmas. On the outside we put, "Merry Christmas to Whoever," so people would know it was for them. (whoever or whomever I always have that debate every time I write it) We then got to pick where we put our envelopes.

Envelope #1- We passed a homeless man, and Shad knew that is who needed his envelope. We pulled over and gave it to him. His reaction was great, "That's too cool!"

Envelope #2- I got to pick this one out, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I put mine in the Walmart parking lot. We parked our car so that we could see the envelope. Like a family of stalkers, we watched as about 17 people walked by the envelope. Every time someone would come near the envelope, we would all say, "Pick it up pleeeease." When a man finally got it, B was so excited he yelled, "Give me five,Mom!"

Envelope #3- Shad picked a grocery store and wanted to put the envelope in a buggy. So I ran up and put the envelope in the first buggy. I noticed a piece of lettuce in the same buggy, but someone was coming and I had to go. I casually walked back to the car, and we waited for someone to get our buggy...and waited...and waited. Finally, a lady approached our buggy. We were so excited, but then she looked in the buggy and moved it to the side. Nobody would get our buggy now. I told Shad, "You have to get the lettuce out!" In stealth mode, he ran up to get the lettuce, but before he could get there a man came up and got the buggy!

Envelope #4- We liked it so much, we put it in the buggy again, but right after I put it in the buggy the wind blew it out. I then had to get in the tight space between the buggies and the wall to get it. (so much for being inconspicuous)

This was actually a quick plan B project when plan A didn't work out, but we loved doing this project. The idea came from Shad constantly looking for money on the ground. The best part about this was how much Brandon liked it. It allowed for our entire family to get excited about giving. Well, maybe not Collin. He slept the whole time in his car seat.


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