Friday, December 31, 2010

Give me Five Friday- {my dad's favorite number}

If you ever seen one of my blog post, and it says "1 comment" at the bottom, most of the time that is my mom or dad. They are the #1 fans of my blog. They say they love what I write, but I think that's just to make me feel good so I'll keep writing. They really love the blog for one reason. Wait, two reasons now...Brandon and Collin. To be honest, they are very supportive. They have been supportive of all my crazy endeavors.
Yesterday, my dad sent me an e-mail about the new way he is going to comment on the blog. He is the artist formerly known as "Poppy," and will now just be #3. He included a list of reasons why he loves #3. (a love of lists must be genetic!) I liked it so much and conveniently, the list had five items, so today my dad will guest post and give you...

{five reasons my dad loves #3}
his words will be italicized

I read you blog and liked it very much. I did not want to sign my name, Poppy. So I changed it to this sign, #3. When you see this, it is me. Here's the reason three is my favorite number, 21 is a close second.

1. When I was growing up, I was the third Manus male. My daddy, my brother and three was me.

2. When I played Babe Ruth baseball my number was three. I played center field, I always wanted to see the ball before it hit me. I was the lead off batter. A lead off batter was a good hitter but had no power for hitting home runs. He was fast so he could score easy. I had all that, mostly because I was skinny.

3. The Great Babe Ruth's number was 3.

4. When I was 18 they had a lottery for drafting soldiers. Here's how it went. They would take all 365 days and give each day a number 1-365. It was done by a random drawing. My birth day, wait for it, was given the #3. With that low a number I was sure to be drafted. I went to be examined, I was 1A. That meant I passed. Within 30 days I would be drafted. But within that 30 day period of time President Nixon stop the draft. That is history.

5. Take your hats off and put them over your heart. Dale Earnhart's number
was #3. That's when racing was racing and real men drove the race cars.

There you have it, tell the boys about the #3 in their poppy's life. I love you and am very proud of you.

Signed #3

Well dad, there you go you are my first guest post! I think #3 is the perfect way to sign, but of course, I adore numbers. You know me well!

P.S. Does this make up for making fun of your "You Ruined Christmas Speech" on the blog?

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