Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blessing #22- The Second Time Around

Collin is ten weeks old today, and I have not calculated any blessing related to him yet. Today, I decided to make Blessing #22 about him.

About once a week since Collin was born, I look at Shad and say, “I’m enjoying this more the second time around. ” It’s not that Collin’s a better baby, but I have changed the second time around.

The second time around, I am much more confident in my mothering abilities. At first, I felt so inadequate to be a mother. I am not the natural “mothering” type, but I have learned, and I like the mother I have become. That’s probably why God gave me 9 ½ and 10 pound BOYS. They needed to be hearty if I’m going to be their mom.

The second time around, I am more calm. Things that would have seemed like the end of the world the first time around, are not the end of the world now.

The second time around, I focus less on what everyone else thinks, and listen to my baby more. The books and people may say one thing, but if it doesn’t work for Collin, we don’t do it.

The second time around, I know how fast the “baby” stage goes. It seemed like I blinked and Brandon was a toddler. Knowing the speed of the process makes me slow down and savor the little moments I have with “baby” Collin. Right now, I love the moments when I hold him and his face is near my ear. I listen to the sound of his little breaths, and my heart just melts for this new little life.

I'm so thankful for the lessons I learned the first time around, and I'm excited to learn some new ones now.

Mr. Collin, I love the new joy you have brought to my life and our family, and I'm excited to see what surprises you have for us.


  1. Great pics. #3s#1

  2. so true. i've learned different little things with each child, but my first taught me it's not about the books or what people think- and i need to listen to 'instinct' (God's direction to a mother) first.
    he's a cutie!

  3. Your son is precious! Great words... I can't wait to have my second baby and really slow down and treasure the moments.