Sunday, January 30, 2011

Curse #8 - The Hypnotist Baby

I promise, I was smart before I had kids. I had a sharp mind. I could go to Walmart without a list, and not forget a single item. However, soon after I had Brandon I noticed I was not remembering as well as I used to. Mommy brain, I’ve heard it called. Since Collin’s birth, my mind is even worse. I’m convinced both boys had a piece of my brain in their hands when they were born. Next time, (if there is a next time) after the doctor hands me the baby, I’m checking its hands…if I remember.

Where was I…oh yes, my brain. Since Collin’s birth, I cannot remember anything. I forgot for a solid week to get a prescription filled. I only got it filled after repeated reminders from Shad and my mom. I’ve been blaming this forgetfulness on hormones. (Poor hormones they get blamed for everything with me.) Hormones was my first theory, but now I have a new theory, the hypnotist baby.

Let me explain. I will walk into a room, place Collin in his bouncy seat, and start working on a task. Soon though I look down to see my sweet little baby doing something incredibly cute like…I don’t know…breathing (everything he does is cute). I then start looking at him and saying things like, “You’re the best baby ever.” “You’re my little Cassanova, my little Romeo.” Suddenly, I stop and think to myself, “What was I doing. Why did I come into this room.” Curses…Hypnotized by the baby again. I decided to take pictures of this phenomenom so I wouldn’t seem so crazy. Collin’s words will be italicized. When you read it, think of his voice sounding like Antonio Banderas, that’s who I think he sounds like right now.

Ahem...Excuse me Mommy. Lots of cuteness going on down here.

That's odd. She's not looking. I'll go for the killer combination, full smile and chubby legs!

That didn't work? *gasp!* uh oh! I lost my sock, Mommy!

Are you kidding me? The sock didn't work. I guess when you don't have pants on, she's not worried about a missing sock.

I've got to change plans. I didn't want to do this, but desparate times call for desparate measures.

You don't love me anymore!!!

Ha ha ha! Wait for it...

Mission accomplished!

Isn't he the cutest baby ever! He's just my little chubbsters. I just love him...What was I talking about? Come on Collin! Enough with the Jedi mind tricks!

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  1. That is a good story. #3

  2. Love it!! Pictures are great!! That must be his voice because that's the way I've always heard him. Love you #3s#1

  3. oh. yes. and they just keep hypnotizing you with different things the older they get {{random giggles, silly words, playing sweetly with the little one...}} sometimes my hubby reminds me that i was intelligent when we got married, cause i usually forget. have fun! :D