Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curse #7- The Wrong Box

Dear person who donated this coffeemaker to Goodwill,

First off, thank you for your donation. Your generosity helps me find great deals. Secondly, congratulations, I’m so happy that you got that great coffee maker for Christmas! However, could you do me one small favor. When you donate your old coffee maker to Goodwill, could you not put it in the box of your new coffeemaker.

I understand that you probably don’t have the old coffee maker‘s box, but you must understand how cruel it was to donate it in the new coffee maker’s box. As I was shopping at Goodwill, I saw your new coffee maker’s box. For about ten seconds, I felt like I had found the best deal ever.

Then I open your new coffee maker’s box to find your old coffee maker. The let down is terrible. Please understand, it’s not that your old coffee maker is bad, but after the let down, it doesn‘t seem nearly as good. If you must put the new item in the old box could you please write on the side of the box, “STEPHANIE, DON“T GET EXCITED. THIS ISN”T IT!“ Thank you for your time. May you get many new presents, and keep those donations coming!

Stephanie, Loyal Goodwillian

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