Friday, January 7, 2011

Give me five Friday- {okay}

There is one word in my extensive vocabulary that Shad does not appreciate, okay. He claims that I “overuse” this word. I totally disagree. Okay is a versatile word that can mean many things. However, I realized though that in Shadese (the language of Shad) okay only has two meanings. (1. Yes 2. To agree with.) In Stephaniese, Okay has multiple meanings all based on tone and body language. So for the sake of clarification, here are the meanings of okay in Stephaniese.
{five meanings of okay}

1. {*sigh*okay}- This means, “I don’t agree with you at all, but I am choosing to give up.” The sigh could also come after the okay.

2. {okayeeee} - This means, “Wow, great idea. Let’s do that!” Listen for the drawn out e.

3. {okay}- This is my conversation filler. Some people use uh huh or mm hmm. This lets you know that I’m listening.

4. {okaaaaay}- This means, “I’m getting annoyed.” It’s usually a good idea to take this hint, and stop whatever you are doing

5. {oooookay} - This means, “I think you are crazy.” It is often accompanied by an eye roll.

I showed this to Shad after I wrote it. He stills holds that there are only two meanings of okay. What’s my reaction? *sigh*okay


  1. Totally agree. #3s#1

  2. This post is funny or as I lift my eyebrows, I thinking this post is oooookay. #1