Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate- {chocolate chip pie}

In case you don't know what Saturdate with Southern Plate is, you can check it out here.

For this weeks Saturdate with Southern Plate, I decided to make chocolate chip pie. This recipe is only found in the cookbook so I don’t have a link to the recipe on Southern Plate. The best way I can describe this pie is if a pecan pie and a chocolate chip cookie got married…this pie would be their child.

Doesn’t it look pretty? Well, about two minutes after I took this picture this pie was not so pretty.

The recipe did not call for it, but I just knew I should let pie cool before I cut it. Knowing and doing are two different things though. The pie smelled so good, and Brandon came in from the snow right when it got done. I thought the pie would be the perfect treat for him. So, against my better judgment, I cut into the pie. I went to take a piece out for B and it was just ooze. It was ugly ooze, but it was tasty ooze! (I MAY have taken a bite of B’s ooze.) I stuck the remaining pie back in the oven for a bit more, and then let it cool properly. The pie was ugly, but it was tasty. (I did not take a picture of the ugly pie. I should have.)

Just when I start to feel bad about my ugly chocolate chip pie, I remembered the story in the cookbook “Why you are a good Mama even if your cake is ugly.” You can read it here. It made me feel better, and so did Brandon saying, "What's this called, Mommy?" I told him, and then he said, "I looooove chocolate chip pie."

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