Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blessing #20 - A Set Table

When I took down all our Christmas decorations our house just seemed bare. In order to help my bare little house, I decorated and set my table. I used to set my table before Brandon became a curious toddler, and I decided it was time to try it again.

It may sound silly, but this table is a little spot of sunshine in my house. Every time I walk by my table, I smile for two reasons. First, I’m so excited to have a place to display my favorite things, dishes and canning jars. Second, everything on that table except the silverware came from yard sales, Goodwill, or Walmart’s 75% off Christmas clearance, and I just love a good deal.

**You may be wondering about the peanuts in the canning jars. I needed to fill them up, and peanuts were the only thing in my house I had in abundance. Peanuts the new potpourri.

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