Friday, January 28, 2011

Give Me Five Friday- {rules of facebook}

Shad has resisted joining facebook for a very long time now, but this week he gave in and followed the social networked masses. So today my five is for him.

{my five rules of facebook}

1. Don't write the mysterious status just to get attention. For example, "Steph is sad," or "Steph is excited." This is inevitably followed by the "What's wrong," comment by someone. I may be just be sad that I hit my toe, but when people see, "Steph is sad," they always think worst case scenario.

2. Tone is not typed so be aware of these signals. ALL CAPS IS LIKE SHOUTING. Use it sparingly or for something really important. "That's so funny:)" is very different from "That's so funny:(" "You're so crazy;)" is very different from "YOU'RE SOOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!" Always use j/k or just kiddin' when you use sarcasm. Sarcasm is dangerous on facebook. I have a friend that uses "hee hee" for his sarcasm, I think that's genius.

3. Be aware of what is public and what is private. If you write on someone's wall everyone sees it. If someone is friends with both of the people involved, the wall comment shows up in their newsfeed. If you post on the wall, make it positive, funny, or simple. If not send it in a message.

4. Now that Shad has a profile, I must be careful that I am logged in as myself. If I comment under Shad's name, that could result in some really awkward situations.

5. When you take a quiz on facebook, you don't always have to publish the results to your profile. There is usually a skip button somewhere when it says publish. I learned this the hard way when I took the "What type of hair do you have" quiz. The result was nerd hair...NERD HAIR! Now, I'm a proud nerd, but I don't want nerd hair. I thought I HAD to publish it to my profile, and had to endure the resulting jokes.

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