Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Life- December 27 - January 2

This weeks pictures were clustered only on certain days, but I do like the pictures I got. I just need to work on spreading them out. As always to look at more Project Lifes, you can head over to The Mom Creative.

December 27- This was after trying to take a bunch of self portraits with Collin. He seems to be saying, "Please, whoever is in that camera, make my mommy stop!"

December 27 (again)- This was the first day he discovered that the birds were up there. I think he's yawning in this pic, but It looks like he's amazed.

December 27- I don't know why this is left aligned, but I looked out my kitchen window to see this sunset. I'm so glad God loves color.

December 28- It may look like our yard was covered in snow from this picture, but this was the last spot of snow. Brandon was playing outside, and started making snow angels on his own. I had to take a picture.

December 31- B was playing outside, while I watched him through the window. He loves to collect sticks, that is what he is doing on my blog header. I couldn't see where he was stacking all the sticks, but I found out when I opened the door.

December 31- Shad and B were trying to make Collin smile. I love the look in all of their eyes.

December 31- They were determined to make him smile, no matter what it took.


  1. Good family pictures. #3

  2. Collin looks like he was in mid yawn when he noticed the bird. Funny. #3s#1