Friday, January 21, 2011

Give Me Five Friday- {Goodwill finds}

The week of Goodwill is coming to a close, but wait I've still got one more Goodwill post in me.

{five cool things I've gotten at Goodwill}

1. my green desk thing- I talked about that here

2. my plates- I LoVeD my set of dinner plates from Pier 1. Shad found another set of four of them with these awesome salad plates and matching bowls.

3. Shad's bowling ball bag- He uses this for his basketball clothes when he plays.

4. my canning jars- I got my first two jars at Goodwill!

5. my gold dress- This was my all time favorite Goodwill find! I loved this dress and it's amazing cape. I found ever chance I could to wear it. Black and white does not do it justice. It was this color. In this picture, we had to dress up like Hershey's kisses for spirit week. I was a Hershey's kiss with almonds.


  1. That gold dress, oh my! Never will I forget it. Not because it was wonderful!! #3s#1

  2. Great finds! I love the little desk!