Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life- January 3 - 9

I did good spacing my pictures out this week. I only missed one day! If you would like to see more Project Lifes, just click on the badge at the top of this post.

January 3 - Brandon was taunting Shad with the candy.

January 4- Brandon really wanted peanut butter and jelly toast. I made him a slice of peanut butter toast and a slice of jelly toast. For some reason mixing the two together on toast really grosses me out.

January 5- I made french bread pizzas, and Brandon got to make his own piece all by himself. He did great! He enjoys putting stuff on the pizza so much, I think I could get a few vegetables on there next time.

January 6- I'm sorry, I know I'm biased, but isn't he the cutest!!!

January 7- Stinky the Garbage Truck has so many neat features, but the feature Brandon likes best is that he's the Godzilla of the matchbox cars.

January 8- We had some snow on Saturday, so we just watched some Saturday cartoons. This photo makes me tear up every time I see it.

January 8 (again)- Shad took B to the farm where he works. They had some fun on the gator.

January 9 - No picture


  1. The boys watching T.V. is my favorite.But I like all of them. I make be bias, too. #1

  2. Hey Steph,

    Enjoyed your pictures!! Love seeing your cute boys.

  3. I love the picture of all your boys watching Saturday morning cartoons. What a sweet memory! Your family is so cute. Good luck this year on project life!

  4. I love the one of the guys watching Saturday morning cartoons. so sweet.

  5. Oh what sweet photos. Love the Godzilla of the matchbox cars - pure boy!